Tandem of Gaming and Metaverse

The buzz for metaverse started with the advent of gaming. The gaming business is emerging along with the Metaverse and blockchain, which is the way of the future, with web 3.0. With metaverse gaming, VR games will enable 3D virtual reality world that players can view in 360 degrees and experience gaming to a very real degree.

Introduction to Metaverse

Metaverse is a system that integrates social networking, online gaming, VR, AR, and cryptocurrency into a virtual world. With property rentals, purchase options and creating an online persona, metaverse will take the internet to the next level. The metaverse will incorporate and facilitate corporate meetings, training, online entertainment and every possible application into the virtual world.

Metaverse Gaming

Metaverse has attracted investments from different gaming companies, tech giants and VCs alike. The frontrunners are Decentraland and Sandbox. Decentraland is working on a multiplayer gaming metaverse whereas Sandbox is a metaverse simulator to game, play, create and own a virtual space.

The metaverse gaming sector also provides abundance of opportunities to earn money and spend money. With player skins picking up, the fashion industry also is playing a big part in the advancement of metaverse gaming. Axis Infinity has become a major source of income for gamers, and it allows players to trade NFTs on its platform.

Streaming and Gamers

With gaming streaming being a giant industry, bringing in Metaverse to gaming will make the streaming experience more immersive. Gaming streamers occupy a large portion of the online content creation sector and with the inclusion of Metaverse in gaming, the experience for players and watchers alike. Increasingly, games are doubling as social spaces where gamers forge online friendships and communities.

Role of NFTs in Metaverse Gaming

Digital assets, especially NFTs form the building blocks of the Metaverse gaming economy. Since NFTs authenticate ownership of virtual items, they have become the storehouse of value for the metaverse, gaming and otherwise. NFTs will be monetized through smart contracts.


Gaming and metaverse definitely run in tandem and the opportunities are abundant. Tech giants have realized this untapped potential and it will be great to see what is in store!

Written By:
Smrithi Shree

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